December Book Review

book review / Friday, January 4th, 2019

Happy New Year! I read some great books last month and I wanted to share them with you before we get too far into January! Here they are!

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way was a favorite. I had been following Lysa’s journey intently ever since she announced she was divorcing her husband. Lysa is the head of Proverbs 31 Ministries, and author of many Bible studies and books. And her husband was unfaithful. She fought for her marriage, but divorce was where they landed. And then she got breast cancer. And my heart ached for her. It all seemed impossibly hard. At one point she described her situation as if “she was licking the floors of Hell”. And then things shifted. She was declared cancer free, and the divorce didn’t happen. Healing and restoration occurred. This book is her story in the thick of it all and I knew I was going to love it. Her words are honest and kind, and just dripping with empathy for anyone who is in a season of suffering.

Remember God was another great one as well. I read this one at lightening speed. I feel like this book is about many different things, but I loved Annie’s honesty about where she is in her life, and what that looks like with God. She is single and desires a husband and children, and for whatever reason God has not answered her prayer. Her book is an honest account of wrestling with the tension of expectations vs. reality and how we respond to God when our life shakes out different than we pictured. Loved this one for sure!

Cultivate by Lara Casey was super good as well and maybe one of the most influential books I read all year! Her book is all about living with purpose and cultivating a life that is about the things that matter. What “matters” is left up to you to define, but she is big on encouraging you to get after it, whatever it is! Her book encourages you to examine your life in every which way, and I really appreciated the introspection. She is also the author of Power Sheets, a planner focused on helping you achieve your goals, and I have been a big fan of that as well! This book would definitely be a good on to add to your list for January!

Happy Reading!