February and March Book Review

book review / Monday, April 1st, 2019

Hi. Remember me? It has been awhile. As it turns out, the first quarter of our year, has been different, thus has kept me off the computer and away from blogging. I will share more about our year soon, but for now, just know that I am back! Or I hope to be at least. I really enjoy writing in this space and haven’t loved being away from it. I haven’ read as much as I normally do this year either, but I am reviewing two books today! I think I actually read both of these in February, and haven’t finished a single book during the month of March.

First, Next Year in Havana. I really enjoyed this book. It is a love story that takes place in Cuba right when Fidel comes to power, and it is paralleled by a present day love story as well. I loved the history in this book, as I really knew very little about Cuba. It told the story of the political revolution and turmoil in the country pretty thoroughly. The love story was a bit cheesy at times, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Road Back to You is a book all about the enneagram. Have you heard of the enneagram? Do you know your number? I feel like the enneagram has been everywhere for awhile, but I was later to the game in figuring out “my number”. Essentially the enneagram is a personalty test, where there are 9 different personalities. This book explains the history of the test, and each number in depth. I took a quiz to determine my number, but it wasn’t until reading the book that I landed on one. I am a four, also known as “the individualist or the romantic”. I plan on doing a whole other post on the enneagram soon. I will say, it has been a really helpful tool in friendship. Our small group walked through this, and it has come up in conversation countless times since, and I think it was really helpful learning more about ourselves, and in turn, more about each other. I found that we when we know more about why people operate the way they do, it helps us to understand them more and love them better. Here is a link to the first test that I took, however I found reading the book to be a lot more helpful, but the test is a place to start if you’re curious!

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