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friday favorites / Friday, November 16th, 2018

Happy Friday, Friends! This Friday feels extra fun because it is the beginning of the holiday season! We have a fun things planned this weekend, as well as the week ahead and can hardly believe the holiday hustle is here! This week was full of a favorite things, quite literally, so I am linking up, and excited to share!

First up, my first Favorite Things Party! I have heard about this for awhile, but never have been to one. I decided to throw my own with the girls in our sunday school class at church! It was so fun! I don’t have great photos from the night, but it was a hit nonetheless.

The premise of the party is simple. Everyone picks an item that is their “favorite thing”. For our party it needed to cost $5 or less. You bring 5 of them to the party. You explain why the item is your favorite, draw 5 names, and those people go home with your favorite thing. At the end of the night you have a haul of five different favorite things!

I decided to spread the gifts out on my fireplace since we were going to do the exchange in our living room. I wanted the gifts to be easy to see and access! Gifts included body wash, lip balms, coffee frother, cozy socks, pretty stationary, dry shampoo and more! I brought the Pioneer Woman coffee mugs! I highly recommend this little party for a girls night!

Next up, my white plate wall!


I have been collecting white plates to make a plate wall in our dining room for a few months, and I finally decided the collection was done and to hang them on the wall. I have another plate wall of brightly colored plates in our breakfast area, so at first thought the second wall might be overkill,but I just really love a plate wall, and the all white look seemed different enough. I love how it turned out!

In a similar fashion, I collaged a group of baskets on my wall this week too and that has also been a favorite!

I actually wanted to do a basket wall in our dining room where the white plates currently are, but felt like it would be too hard to collect baskets to fill the wall, so I started collecting the white dishes. Well, the other weekend Neil and I were at an Estate Sale, and literally there were hundreds of baskets there. I think I bought 14 or something. I still loved the idea of decorating with the baskets, so I decided to just go with it.

These hang in our entryway and I really like how it turned out!


We took family photos a few weeks back and got the gallery back and they make my heart so happy. The lighting is so pretty and Amelia is smiling and just captured so well. Favorite for sure! I finally got to put pictures in these frames that have been hanging on our wall, empty, for nearly a year.

Lastly, my very favorite band, Elevation Worship had a free concert in a high school parking lot last night, and it is my favorite thing of the whole week!

I shared this on Instagram about the concert:

“The Lord is so kind. The songs of @elevationworship have been my soundtrack this year. I have sang their words in faith, their lyrics resounding in my heart as prayers. So much pleading and petitioning. Before every ultrasound I went to this year{which was quite a lot} I would play “Do It Again” as loud as it could possibly go in my car. Asking God to “do it again”, to sustain life in my womb.
It is so fitting that God would bring them to Houston, for a free concert in the parking lot of a school I used to work at. That I would get to end the year, in the same way it began, singing their songs in faith. This time I just got to do it live!
And getting to meet them just made the night even sweeter. God sees us and hears us. Providing in ways we don’t except.”

Happy Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

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