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friday favorites / Friday, January 11th, 2019

Happy Friday! Today I am linking up for Friday Favorites for the first time this year! Here are my favorites from the week!

It was book club week this week, and this was our book this month! It was so good and a favorite for sure! Loved reading it and highly recommend!

While this photo might not look like anything special, it was a favorite nonetheless. Our fourth bedroom in our home we loving referred to as the “junk room” because it was basically a storage closet. We cleaned it out to use for our guests at Christmas and I decided to paint it since it was basically empty! Painting the room had been high on my list for awhile, so I was glad to knock it out!

Speaking of knocking things off my to-do list have you heard of Lara Casey and Cultivate What Matters? She is the creator of Powersheets, a goal setting planner and I cannot say enough good things about it! She also has a podcast and I have been listening to it all week and it is a favorite! If you need motivation for 2019 look no further!

My friend gave me a coffee mug from the Pioneer Woman Mercantile the other day and I have loved drinking out of it this week. I love coffee cups and fun gifts from your friends that make you feel known, and this one makes me feel like I am drinking coffee at the Merc!

My dad built a swing set in our backyard for Amelia for Christmas and it has been a super nice addition to our days. We have loved being outside together and I am so thankful for his kind gift!

Almost all of our weekly activities have started up again after the Christmas break, and we are so happy about that. We made it back to storytime this week and although her face doesn’t show it, we had a great time reading about bears and making our bear face!

That’s all for this week! TGIF!

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  1. Your favorites rock! Amelia is precious, and swings are the best thing ever.
    I’m in a book club too. We just met last night. I’d like to look into “Where the Crawdads Sing” as a future title for us.

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