Friday Favorites

friday favorites / Friday, September 21st, 2018

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I am linking up this week with other bloggers to share my favorites from the week!

First up, my new fiddle leaf fig. I realize these have been a thing for awhile now. I have always wanted to join to bandwagon, but due to their high maintenance reputation I was hesitant to pull the trigger and throw my money out the window. So when I saw them for $15.99 at Costco-I jumped on the deal! I love it for now, because it is currently alive. Time will tell if it will remain a favorite or not!

I currently have it in this little corner in our living room, it seems a bit short for the space but figuring out where to give it the best light is also tricky. BUT, still a fave!

Next up is our new dining room light fixture. We had track light before from the previous owners, and it was not my favorite. We replaced our old fixture with a new one and I love it! I feel like it changes the room totally! I was also super proud of Neil who installed it himself!

The new light fixture leads into my next fave. I typically have my quiet times in our dining room, but they have been extra lovely with our new light and the glow it gives off in the morning. I am doing a study with women from our church on Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer and it has been super good!

With the start of Fall, I have started back up with some intentional teaching of Amelia. I follow this curriculum, and I have loved the direction it provides. That, combined with her age has made this extra fun, and watching her learn and retain information has been a favorite for sure!

I love, love, love seasonal books. Each season, I buy a couple to add to our collection and love pulling them out as part of our preparation for the newness that is to come. I ordered this fall book, and was super excited when it came in the mail. I hope one day Amelia associates the seasons with the books that we read together.

Lastly, these two albums have been favorites this week for sure. Both of these artists released new albums fairly recently and they have been on repeat in our house all week.

They are both pretty different from each other sound wise, but I like them both a lot!

Okay, that’s it for this week!  TGIF!