October Book Review

book review / Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

I am not going to lie, October was not my favorite month. Typically, I love all that this month has to offer, but this month was hectic and our family struggled to find our rhythm and it felt like our “normal days” were few and far between. We are eagerly awaiting November!  I did mange to read two books this month so I am sharing my thoughts on them today!

The Kite Runner was so, so good. It is an oldie for sure, I remember people reading it in high school, but I had never read it until this month. Khaled Hosseini wrote one of my very favorite books, A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was why I wanted to read more of his work. This book is set in Afghanistan in the 1970s and the turmoil in that country is the backdrop for much of the story. It is a powerful book of friendship, jealousy, guilt and redemption.  I loved it and stayed up super late reading it because I just had to get to the end. I cried heavy tears as I turned the pages, but I secretly love when books elicit such strong emotion. It is one of the first fiction books I have read in a long time that I can confidently recommend to Neil to read, and be certain he will like it. It’s on his list to read so hopefully we can have our own little book club about it soon!

My second book for the month was The Life Giving Home. I am a big Sally Clarkson fan, and she has numerous Life Giving books about there. This one was all about your home, and the work of making it a place of “belonging and becoming”. Clarkson and her daughter co-authored the book and speak about the intentionality that goes into making your home truly feel like a home. A place where those that are inside feel welcome, safe, cared for and loved. They talk a lot about the importance of music and candles and hot cups of tea and all sorts of magical things that I am already naturally drawn to. The heart of the book is cultivating a culture within your home in which your family can flourish and Christ is honored. I really enjoyed reading it and appreciated the practical tips it offered as well! Neil and I have talked often this Fall about wanting to make our home a place Amelia wants to be, and our family people she wants to hang out with. Obviously, she is really young and is still at an age where she prefers Mommy and Daddy, but the importance of intentionally laying that foundation is on our radar and this book echoed much of those sentiments.

I already have a stack working of books for November so stay tuned for next month’s reads!

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