September Book Review

book review / Thursday, September 27th, 2018

September is quickly coming to a close! The month went by in a flash but I managed to finish four books so I am sharing my thoughts on them with you today!

When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer was given to me by my sweet friend, Ashley in the wake of our third pregnancy loss. I found this book super helpful and encouraging. Unanswered prayer will always be a tension we face on earth, but this book did help clear up some lies I was believing and softened some of the places in my heart that were becoming calloused. One of my favorite examples from the book was about these miners who were trapped underground, and water was rushing into their tiny space. Rescuers found them, and they thought escape was right around the corner. And then things went quiet. For 18 hours, they heard nothing. They thought the rescuers gave up, and left them for dead. Above ground, the rescuers weren’t giving up. Their drill bit had broken and it was a mad dash to try to repair it. News crews showed up and the story spread. People showed up to pray. There was all of this flurry of activity going on above ground, and the miners had no idea. They thought their fate was sealed. The image of the bustling rescue mission above ground has stayed with me long after I finished the book. I believe God is working, even though I don’t feel it yet.  It is a good read and explores many of the facets of prayer!

Next up, Searching for Spring, was a book I chose in light of our recent miscarriage. I was drawn to the theme of seasons, and the hope of spring. It was a good read, which takes you through the seasons of the year, and points out the beauty in them all, while emphasizing our hope in the gospel as our ultimate redemption. I really enjoyed her writing style and thought it was a quick read which offered hope!

My only fiction book this month was Small Great Things, and I loved, loved, loved this book. The book is about a African American nurse, who is told that she cannot care for a newborn at the hospital in which she works because the parents are white supremacists. The baby ends up dying while the nurse is alone with him in the nursery, she is accused of murder by the parents. Much of the story focuses on the trial and the events leading up to it. The story really gripped me. This book is very much about racism and really got me thinking about so many different things. Its super good and I highly recommend!

Lastly, The Life Giving Parent was a very thought provoking parenting book. The authors give a slew of “life giving” principles to enact as parents who want to see their child flourish as they live for Christ. The beginning of the book talked a lot about beginning with the end in mind. That is, thinking about what our goal is as parents, what we hope our children become, and sadly, that our time with them is short. This was super helpful for me because I get lost in the day to day, the meals, the legos, the diaper changes, I forget that Amelia, Lord willing, will eventually be 25 years old, and habits and beliefs I am forming now, will affect who she is then.  The book offered many practical ideas and I found that their words continue to bounce around in me head, leading me to hopefully be a better mom.


That’s it for this month!